Laura Nupponen, Theater

as Solveig

As Solveig, with Oliver Henzler as Peer Gynt

As Helena, Midsummer Night's Dream

As Helena in A Midsummer Night's Dream

Masks, C, Milyang Theatre Festival, South Korea

Mazeppa, Fighter, The Metropolitan Opera

Faust, Pantomima, The Metropolitan Opera

Masks, Big Brother, Theater of St. Veronica's

Dreaming of Norton, Sarah, Studio Theater

Bicycle, Young Child, American Living Room Festival

One Night, Jessica, Equalogy Theater Tour

Benvenuto Cellini, Tavern Lady, The Metropolitan Opera

The War Play , Magician/Annabel, Abbington Theater

A Midsummer Nightís Dream,  Helena, Riverside Theater

Peer Gynt , Aase/Solveig, Dir. Andrei Serban

Fifteen Minutes , Anne (lead), Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Cherry Lane Theater

Dreamplay, Victoria, Shapiro Theater

Nude in 3 Acts , Dr. Whiley, Access Theater

A Winterís Tale , Maid, Dir. Kristin Linklater

Lysistrata , Lysistrata, Dir. Nikolaus Wolcz (Workshop)

Play it Again, Sam, Intellectual, Allenberry Playhouse