Laura Nupponen, Reviews


Fifteen Minutes

 "Laura Nupponen as Anne is obviously a fine accomplished actress who should never be short of work, and the others work well to complement her performance. The whole show was well worth seeing for the quality of the writing, the tight direction and the performances of the actors. This performance should provide an excellent vehicle to give everyone concerned in this show at least their 15 minutes of fame as promised by Andy Warhol. " ---one4review
"The whole thing is held together by Nupponen's strong performance...Nupponen seems intrinsically linked to her character." ---Hairline: The Independent Fringe Review
"Nupponen deserves credit for playing [her character] to perfection."   ---Ben East, Metro
"tenderly acted" and "It's a lovely scene actually, played well by Jaime Andrews and Laura Nupponen--very sexual and powerful, with just the right degree of innocence." ---Max Blinkhorn,

Peer Gynt

". . . while 5 actresses get a crack at the role of Mother Aase . . . others are quite affecting.  The death of Aase [played by Laura Nupponen] with Peer at her side, provides a moving close to the first half . . ."

---Backstage, reviewed by Ron Cohen, 11/8/2002